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Building a league from scratch

We've made a lot of historical concept shirts in our time, from FC Stroitel Pripyat to Londinium FC and beyond. Over the years though, one of the "so-called Top 6" historical civilizations remained untouched. Why? Because we knew that when we tackled it, we had to go bigger than ever.

So that's exactly what we've done with the Hellenic League of Champions: our take on the soccer world of Ancient Greece. Featuring 24 teams with meticulously-crafted kits and lore, we've locked ourselves away in our study and taken "fantasy league" to a whole new level.

In honour of the launch of the Hellenic League of Champions, we want to take you inside Icarus HQ for a look at what goes into building an entire league from scratch. Surprisingly, the answer isn't billions of dollars in sovereign wealth.