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Dioskourias FC

About Dioskourias FC

The home jersey worn by Dioskourias during its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

How many ways are there of saying “pass the ball”? If you braved the Black Sea to a bazaar in Dioskourias, the answer would be between 70 and 300. “It’s hardly made my job easy,” said manager Aeëtes, who employed not one but three interpreters. 

“But you have to look at the positives. Dioskourias is a cosmopolitan trade capital; the gateway to the rich land of Kolkhis and the rest of the east. Everyone wants to be here.” The result was a young, diverse squad brimming in talent. Indeed, the “Twin City” overcame a number of challenges, especially its physical distance from the Mediterranean, to become a prominent club on the Hellenic stage.

It shows what we’ve all thought—however many languages are spoken off the pitch, they speak the same one with their feet.