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About Pimpleia

The home jersey worn by Pimpleia during its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

Although the channels of Northern Greece may have rang loudly with Pella Makedon’s raucous chest-beating, nearby relative minnows Pimpleia redefined what it meant to be ‘noisy neighbors’. 

Unlike their rivals in Pella, there were no power struggles in Pimpleia, as the team was largely owned and directed by passionate fan group The Muses, who led fans in beautiful, calming hymns in direct opposition to the grotesque, vile, and evocative chants voiced by other supporters. 

Hometown hero and captain Orpheus played his part too, directing the team’s samba-like fluidity on the field (dubbed by various pundits as “pure poetry in motion”) while regularly taking to the corner flag during crucial moments to orchestrate the crowd.

You wouldn't hear any "Let's Go Pimpleia!"s here.