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Designing with Icarus

Design work is already included in our pricing. When working with an Icarus designer, you can request as many edits or alterations as you'd like in up to 4 free design rounds. A design round is considered to be a collection of edits requested and is noted in the top-left hand corner of your designs.

If you have requested and received designs with Icarus in the past but not responded to your designer, you will be charged $50 to move forward with a future inquiry. This fee is in place to conserve our design team's time and ensure that we can continue to offer a free design service.

There are very few limits to what the Icarus design team can create. However, very specific and/or complex art is not always possible due to time constraints. If you would like to use niche, custom art on your design, we request that you share design files with this artwork with us in advance.

To give a recent example of a request that wasn't possible, we were asked whether we could create a pelican jersey design with a collection of pelicans drawn to look like Johnny Depp from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. This is a truly wonderful design idea that we wish we could have created. Unfortunately, creating the artwork for the pelican without knowing whether the client would necessarily proceed to order would be too risky. Had they supplied us with artwork of said pelican, however, we certainly could have created some designs.

Payment of invoice confers that the buyer is happy to proceed with the final designs and order information most recently provided to Icarus in the linked spreadsheet. Once payment has been made, there shall be no changes to the design but the buyer may increase the size of the order.

Standard Icarus socks are included in our kit pricing. We can also design and manufacture custom socks for an additional $5 per kit.

Please note that producing a perfect color match between socks and jerseys/shorts is difficult as they are made from different fabrics that accept dye differently. As a result, you'll find that even at a top professional level, there's a variation in color between these garments.

If you order more than 20 custom outfield kits or jerseys, you can order up to 4 goalkeeper kits or jerseys for the same price as your cheapest outfield items. The goalkeeper design can be any of the designs previously created by your Icarus designer in any colorway.

Lead Times

Turnaround time from payment to dispatch is 6-8 weeks.

Orders with embroidery,
applique crests and certain collar styles (e.g. polo, insert, and henley) can add up to 1-2 weeks.

Turnaround times for orders placed in January and February are slightly longer due to national holidays in our supplier locations. Orders placed during this time can take up to 10 weeks.


You can find all of our pricing information in our catalog. Items become cheaper when more are ordered.

Our pricing is based on the number of units that you order in a set design. That means if you order 30 shirts in two different designs (60 total), they will all be priced in the 21-50 price band rather than the 51-100 price band.

Orders from customers in Pennsylvania are subject to a 6% Sales Tax. Orders from Philadelphia are subject to an 8% Sales Tax.

Orders from elsewhere in the United States are not currently subject to Sales Tax.

Orders from the United Kingdom will be charged VAT but this is included in our GBP £ pricing.

Customers from outside the United States and United Kingdom will be responsible for all custom duties and local taxes.

No!We can sublimated names, numbers and logos at no additional cost.

Production, Quality & Fit

The fabric that Icarus uses is very high quality and akin to that used by other international suppliers such as Adidas and Nike.

Our shirts are made from fabric that has low GSM (grams per square meter) – this means that they are both light to play in and moisture-wicking. Sweat moves quickly to the fabric’s outer surface and the shirts dry quickly without saturating the fabric. As a result, our matchday kits are comfortable to wear since the body can regulate its temperature efficiently.

In addition to our regular fabric we also have a premium, professional quality fabric available for very large orders. Please enquire if intereste

Icarus’ matchday and replica kits run true to size. This provides players with more breathability and fans with a more comfortable shirt to wear on a non-playing basis.

We can produce our equpiment in all normal Men’s, Women’s and Children’s sizes (XS – XXL).

You can find our size charts on our website here.

Our equipment is produced with TUV Rheinland verified suppliers. We personally and regularly inspect the conditions of the factories and can attest to its safe and ethical work environment.

Yes!Although logos can be sublimated for no additional fee, Icarus also offers a number of high quality logo applications that we believe enhance the professional quality of any kit.

Matching fabric colors perfectly with the colors found on a digitally produced design is difficult as screens emit light whereas fabric absorbs light. This means that there will always be slight, barely noticeable variation.

Producing a perfect color match between different fabrics (i.e. jerseys & socks) is also difficult as the dye will change the color of these fabrics in slightly different ways. Any colored polo shirt collars (i.e. not just black or white) may differ slightly from the corresponding colors on the main jersey fabric. This is because this collar material must be ordered in separately at low quantities that don't allow for total color customization.

At Icarus, we use CMYK colors in our digital designs to minimize any variation between our designs and the final product. We then sublimate our apparel using the CMYK color codes as a guide. By purchasing custom goods from Icarus, you acknowledge that slight variation between the color of
the digitally produced design and the final fabric due to the aforementioned reason is acceptable and does not warrant reprint or refund.

If your job is extremely color sensitive, please speak with your Icarus representative.

Product Care

Since we sublimate designs and personalization details, the colors won't fade and the material will last if cared for correctly. To ensure your apparel's longevity:

- Wash in cool water without bleach or harsh chemicals

- Do not wash whites and colors together

- Do not dry clean or dry on high heat. Excessive heat may cause shrinkage or color change

Any apparel with embellishments (e.g. embroidery, vinyl) should be washed inside out and air dried.

Icarus Football is not responsible for any damage to apparel that results from improper care.


The buyer warrants that they own the rights to any logo or other design element that they provide us with for the purposes of design work, and that the logo/design element does not infringe upon any copyright or trademark.

Icarus Football retains ownership of the final design as well as any other design options shown to the buyer. The buyer agrees that they shall not use any such designs for any other projects without Icarus Football's prior written consent.

If there is a missing item, or any serious non-conformity, defect or damage to your apparel, we ask that you inform us within 48 hours of receiving your items. Any such mistakes not caused by the buyer will be rectified with replacements at no additional charge.

As fabric is hand-sewn together, there may be slight and unnoticeable variation between garments along a seam or under an arm-pit. We will do everything to minimize this during the production process, but the buyer accepts Icarus is not responsible for small imperfections such as these.