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Frequently Asked Questions

Equipment will arrive between 35 and 63 days following invoice payment.

Customers outside of the United States and the United Kingdom are responsible for all custom duties and local taxes.

Customers are responsible for shipping costs up to $100. After this threshold, Icarus will cover the cost of shipping.

The fabric that Icarus uses is very high quality and akin to that used by other international suppliers such as Adidas, Nike and Hummel.

Our shirts are made from fabric that has low GSM (grams per square meter) – this means that they are both light to play in and moisture-wicking. Sweat moves quickly to the fabric’s outer surface and the shirts dry quickly without saturating the fabric. As a result, our matchday kits are comfortable to wear since the body can regulate its temperature efficiently.

Icarus’ matchday and replica kits run true to size. This provides players with more breathability and fans with a more comfortable shirt to wear on a non-playing basis.

We can produce our equpiment in all normal Men’s, Women’s and Children’s sizes (XS – XXL).

We’re based in Philadelphia but our manufacturing partners are based out of the United States, China and Pakistan. We also have a regional office in London.

Our kits are produced in China with a TUV Rheinland verified supplier - we personally and regularly inspect the conditions of the factory and can attest to its safe and ethical work environment.

We accept Paypal, bank transfer, or credit pard payment through our Design & Order portal.

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