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Taras FC

About Taras

The home jersey worn by Taras FC during its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

At the southern tip of Magna Graecia, a.ka. Italía, lay a former Spartan colony, now commercial powerhouse, and elite club. Taras FC was actually founded by the Partheniae, Spartans born out of wedlock unions who were initially promised citizenship but then refused it by the city. Not very nice of them, right? Tarans would agree, and you could certainly feel some tension in an Adriatic derby.

These derbies used to be fairly one-sided. But Taras eventually assembled a world-class squad which actually started winning against the Pelopponesian giants, thanks to a few things. 

For one, Taras’ boom coincided with its dominance over other Greek colonies of Magna Graecia, making it the most significant port in the region: money was constantly flowing in. Secondly, the former colony partly swallowed its beef (or better said mussels, the local delicacy) around 50 years ago to start a loanee system with Sparta.

Clearly there was no 'cup tied' rule in the old days.