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Delos FC

About Delos FC

The home jersey worn by Delos FC during its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

In ancient Greek, Delos means “something that can be seen”, because it was first seen as emerging from the waves. And by all accounts, a game at the Apollo Stadium was “something that must be seen”. The small island at the center of the Cyclades went from a pilgrimage site in antiquity to the meeting ground of the Delian league, and therefore the symbolic center of the world.

Delos’ rise was due in part to its connection to Sacred Island Bank, which held and managed all Delian league tribute payments Unsurprisingly this attracted controversy, with critics alleging that the Bank—which not only sponsored but managed the club’s finances—had dipped into the warchest a little too deep in order to buy out a star squad.

Investment funds: ruining football since antiquity.