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All retailed jerseys and merchandise will be dispatched within 2 Business Days of purchase. Items are generally shipped from our warehouse in Philadelphia via USPS Priority Mail, which quotes a 1-3 Business Day delivery timetable, and you'll be giving a USPS Tracking Code to monitor the progress of the delivery. 

It's recently become more common for post sent via USPS to experience slight delays - particularly around peak months (i.e. holidays) - so we kindly ask you to be as patient as possible and to get in touch if you live in the US and haven't received your item(s) within 7 Business Days. 

We also ship all around the world - international postage will be calculated when you enter your address at checkout. 

International customers that purchase a 'Pre-Order' item at the same time as an item that's in stock will receive both items in the same package (i.e. when the 'Pre-Order' item is ready). Domestic customers will receive them in separate packages. 


Bespoke kits and apparel are shipped to US clients from our warehouse in Philadelphia, and to UK/European clients from our regional office in London. No matter the size of your order, shipping is capped at $100 and £75 respectively. 



We're able to offer refunds in cases of missing/mistaken item, serious non-conformity, defect or damage. In such cases, we kindly ask that you inform us within 48 hours of receiving it. Any such mistakes not caused by the buyer will be rectified with a refund or replacement at no additional charge. 

You can return an item for sizing reasons as long you first purchase a replacement in your new desired size from our online shop. We will then provide you with a return label and process the refund for your initial purchase as soon as we receive that item here in Philadelphia. 

If you return an item hoping to exchange it for a different size without purchasing it in the new size from our shop, we cannot guarantee that we will have stock in your new size to send back to you. 

Please contact help@icarusfc.com if you would like to request any returns. 


We do all that we can to ensure that your apparel is delivered free of any imperfections. However, all sublimation processes will result in slight - often unnoticeable - variation between garments due to the manufacturing process, particularly under an armpit or along a seam. We will do everything that we can to minimize this, but we are not responsible for small imperfections such as these.

If there is a missing item, or any serious non-conformity, defect or damage to your apparel, we ask that you inform us within 48 hours of receiving your items. Any such mistakes not caused by the buyer will be rectified with replacements at no additional charge.

Since bespoke apparel is made to order, we unfortunately cannot exchange sizes.

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