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Icarus Club Shops

February 24, 2021 3 min read

Save Time & Effort

At Icarus, we want to take the stress out of ordering kits. We know it can be time consuming and frustrating to coordinate an equipment order for your club, so with that in mind, we've created Icarus Club Shops to simplify the process.

Club Shops are personalized shopping portals for clubs that make it as easy as possible for individuals to purchase their bespoke kit and apparel, without the need for a middle man. We offer two kinds of Club Shops, depending on your needs.

Types of Club Shop

1. Always Open

After you've ordered kits for your team, we can create a Club Shop to allow family, friends and supports to pre-order their own gear directly from Icarus, saving you the hassle of gathering requests individually and putting in a group order.

This style of Club Shop is the most common, as it is always open and pre-orders can be placed at any time. As a result, pricing is as standard ($50 per jersey, not including special collar styles or long sleeves).

2. Limited Window

For larger team orders you may want to handle your whole order via a Club Shop. this means you won't have to worry about collecting your team's orders individually and instead can direct players to the Icarus website. To ensure your team get their kits before the season begins, or to take advantage of discounted bulk pricing, this Club Shop would be set up for a limited time and the orders will be fulfilled together upon expiry. As these Club Shops are generally used for larger orders or to allow teams to discount prices, we ask for a $50 surcharge to set up a limited window stores.


Simply, Club Shops take the hassle away from ordering kits. Rather than laboring one club administrator with the task of (1) collecting the correct amount from each person (2) purchasing the entire order, and (3) distributing all of the kit to the correct people, your own Club Shop means:

  • Individual players or supporters can log-on and order kit that they need, as and when they need it.
  • Icarus will then take care of the rest by shipping the individual items to the relevant address.
  • Countless hours of time will be saved for club administrators.
  • Potential discounts across our entire product range depending on the size of your preorder.

Important Notes

Minimum Orders

As Always Open Club Shops are built to fulfil orders indefinitely, there is no minimum order, allowing individuals to purchase whenever they like.

With Limited Window Club Shops, if you want to take advantage of lower bulk order pricing, we will need to agree a minimum order beforehand to establish the discounted price. If your shop does not reach the minimum order that you set, you will be charged the cost of the remaining items required to reach the minimum.


The Always Open pricing is based on the standard below minimum order pricing found in our catalog. That's $50 for a jersey and $30 for a pair of shorts. For Limited Window stores, the minimum quantity that your club intends to purchase determines the price band.

Lead Time

The lead time for Always Open Club Shops is between 7 and 9 weeks from when an order is placed. The lead time for a Limited Window Club Shop is 6-8 weeks from the date that the store closes. Please note that all orders placed in this type of Club Shop will be put into production together at the end of the purchase window, so so we recommend setting your close date to 8+ weeks before your items are needed.


All Club Shops support customization of names and/or numbers.

Getting Set Up

To set up a Club Shop, all you have to do is tell your Icarus representative or email sales@icarusfc.com. We'll then ask any questions that we have and send your Club Shop link to you as soon as it's ready to go!