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Thrax Abdera

About Thrax Abdera

The home jersey worn by Thrax Abdera during its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

The Abderans' fierce passion for their team ensured closed doors games were increasingly frequent during Thrax Abdera's Hellenic League of Champions runs. Fiery captain Spartacus was as likely to incite pitch invasions as score a goal - and like real invasions, they were far from peaceful.

“Barbaric, violent, thugs, lawless—we’ve heard that for centuries”, shared owner and King Diomedes in an interview. “But when the same thing happens in the derby of Athens—not a peep from the media. Of course, I don’t condone what happened [in the club's infamous bust up with Pella Makedon]. But we have passion, true passion.”

Thrax Abdera: proof that tribalism and football have always gone hand in hand.