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About Us

Icarus Football is a design-focused brand that was founded in 2017 to provide teams with creative and personal apparel.  

Here at Icarus, we treat every club like Nike treats the biggest teams in the world. Each club that we partner with is provided with a dedicated graphic design professional, who will work with you to produce a totally unique design that reflects your team’s history, values, location and culture. We never use templated designs and approach every project with extensive research and design options. 

Although there are many established kit brands, we believe that our creative, accessible, and collaborative approach makes Icarus unique. 

The opportunity to play in kits that have been especially designed for your own club has historically been reserved for football’s elite. Our goal is to democratize this and provide every club with the creative and personal kit that they and their supporters deserve.

What about the historical jerseys?

Here at Icarus, we love history almost as much as we love kit design. These jerseys represent our interpretation of what some iconic teams throughout history may have worn if they had been fortunate enough to exist during the Era of the Beautiful Game.

They also allow us to experiment with designs that are inspired by history, and showcase the endless design possibilities for clubs that collaborate with us.

Check out our historical concept kits that are available for purchase

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