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Helios Rhodes

About Helios Rhodes

The home jersey worn by Helios Rhodes during its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

After a stadium renovation led by star-architect Hippodamus in 490 BC, fans at the New Heraion witnessed scenes forever etched into Greek football history. Rhodes’ ascent was spearheaded by Olympian boxer Diagoras, who attained club-legend status with a record 114 goals across 5 seasons. Few will forget his iconic corner-flag-punch celebration as a last-minute goal against Samos saw the Roses’ first Anatolian league trophy in 465 BC. But Diagoras’ talent lived on through his three sons - Akousilaos, Damagetos, and Dorieus—who became indisputable starters on Rhodes’ team sheet.

Under the lead of manager Memnon, who left a cozy position at Persepolis United to join his native island, the “Brothers D” dominated the midfield in a high-intensity, box-to-box fashion, with Akousilaos “the Colossus” standing in front of goal. Diagoras, who soon occupied a player-manager role, was often still used by Memnon for his experience. As such, perhaps one of the most memorable images in Hellenic sporting history was that of Diagoras being carried on his sons’ shoulders following a derby win against Sporting Kos: after seasons carrying the team, it was his legacy—and a bright future—which carried Rhodes on.

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