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FC Massalia

About FC Massalia

The home strip worn by FC Massalia in its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

The colony of Massalia - based in what is now contemporary Marseille - was founded by Ionian explorers in the 6th century, so it's no surprise that its Hellenic Champions League side was one of the competition's most well travelled.

"The spirit of adventure is in our DNA," commented explorer-astronomer and FC Massalia chairman Pytheas, "and Massalia has by far the best scouting network of any club".

Even getting to Massalia was a journey in itself: the city, located on the coast of Galatía, took at least 7 days on a trireme from Athens. No matter how sea-faring Greeks claimed to be, HLC away days at the “Lion’s Den” were far from easy.

And you thought a few hours on the road was commitment.