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Ancient Egypt National Team - Away

About the Ancient Egyptian National Team

We've collaborated with Cenk Ünal - @cenkunalgraphics - to create the Ancient Egypt Away kit. 

Inspired by Ancient Egyptian history, the jersey contains a series of hieroglyphics that are faded into the design. The gold wave pattern that enters from the sides reflects the River Nile.

Each jersey comes with a metallic gold crest of the Ancient Egypt Football Association logo, headed by Tutankhamen during the 1330-28 (BC) season. 

The back of the jersey contains an ankh - the ancient hieroglyphic symbol that represents 'life' - and the number #10. The ankh, Icarus logo and numbers are made of gold metallic foil. 

Shirt Details:

  • Metallic gold crest.
  • Gold foil used for features throughout.
  • Sublimation printing on 100% polyester.
  • Microribbing material used on the collar and cuffs.