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Ebla Forgotten

About Ebla Forgotten

The ultra-rare Away shirt as worn during the 2405 BCE season that saw the Goats finish mid-table. The classic “white rock” shirt, an ode to Ebla’s namesake, is perhaps the most controversial in Mesopotamian Premier League History. The shirt was designed to reflect the intense Syrian sun that bounced off of Ebla’s White Rock Ground directly into opponents eyes. In fact, the starting goalkeeper for Mari FC claimed that he had been blinded by Ebla supporters wearing particularly intense replica shirts. The Mesopotamian Premier League responded by banning the shirt and ordering Ebla to blind its own starting goalkeeper for the following season. Mari FC, unaware of the second part of this ruling, loaned out its backup goalie to Ebla FC the following season, only for the youngster to be returned at the end of the year missing both eyes. This kicked off a tit for tat rivalry with Mari that ultimately resulted in the destruction of Ebla some 100 years later.


  • Sublimation printing on 100% polyester.
  • Microribbing material used on the cuffs
  • Embroidered crests