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Pella Makedon

About Pella Makedon

The home jersey worn by Pella Makedon during its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

After taking over Pella Makedon from his father Philip II at the age of 20, Alexander the Great led his team to a 10-year undefeated streak, earning them the title of ‘The Original Invincibles’ and building the foundations for one of the first franchised teams in Greek football history. By the time Alexander retired, the ‘Pella Football Group’ had feeder teams from Greece to India, their local logos replaced by Pella’s iconic sun emblem.

Despite Pella Makedon’s huge success under the tutelage of its greatest ever export, the club soon became synonymous with boardroom disagreements - to put it incredibly lightly - with various assistants tussling for complete control over the club.

It’s - as it turns out - a tale as old as time: a once-invincible dynasty loses its influential leader, leaving a power vacuum which threatens the club’s success and causes massive fan unrest. They said Alexander the Great’s tactics would be replicated thousands of years into the future, and that has proved very accurate.