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About Mycenae

The home jersey worn by Mycenae during its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

Mycenae, based in the fertile Pelepponese, was the second oldest club in Greece. Its ways were also old, and famously favored proven warriors over Olympic athletes on its team-sheet. “I only look for killer instinct”, professed manager, king, and former player Agamemnon. Neither was its football modern, spurning Paros-ball possession and instead focusing on brute physicality. It won players like Achilles a few red-cards, but it also won them titles.

Though Achilles’ strength terrified any back-line he charged at, it was how he combined it with his dexterous finesse that earned him so much praise. Unsurprisingly, the striker was known to wow fans with a silky back heel or two.

Needless to say, triremes weren't the only show boats in the Hellenic League of Champions.