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Londinium FC

About Londinium FC

All Roads Lead to Rome

The title of the oldest club in London has recently been contested between Fulham and Crystal Palace after a historian discovered that a football team was established at the Crystal Palace Exhibition building in 1861. But photo evidence of the almost 2000-year-old Londinium FC has thrown the debate wide open.

Founded in AD 47 by Publius Ostorius Scapula, the club competed in the Roman SVPQR League until 410 AD. Despite a rocky spell under the reign of trigger-happy club chairman, Nero, they enjoyed a period of dominance between 190 AD and 225 AD due to their watertight back four, affectionally known to fans as the London Wall.

Their original long-sleeve jersey from AD 47 is available now.

Shirt Details
  • Sublimation printing on 100% polyester

  • Micro-ribbing material used on the collar and cuff

  • Rubber heat pressed crest applied via heat press
  • Number 10 on the back