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About Corinth

The home jersey worn by Corinth during its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

“Not everyone is able to go to Corinth'' goes the ancient saying. Nor was everyone able to play for them, either. The bar was undoubtedly high at this Isthmanian powerhouse, given it was home to some of the most elite names in the modern game, from Diocles to Xenothon.

Corinth’s captain was called 'the Bellophron' in reference to the hero who tamed the Pegasus, which he found drinking water from a local spring inside the temple of Acropolis. Players would often drink from it as a pre-match ritual. 

According to the legend, Zeus punished Bellophron for trying to fly the pegasus into Mount Olympus. Despite the message, manager Adeimantus wanted his players proud and ambitious. When you’re on the pitch, he reminded them, “I want you to fly close to the sun”.

Good quote - we might steal it.