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Thebes FC

About Thebes FC

The home jersey worn by Thebes FC during its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

When opponents saw Thebes appear on the fixture list, they would've been mistaken in thinking a trip Northwest of Athens to be a walk in the park, despite the area’s natural beauty. There was no question that the fertile surrounding area’s plentiful water springs were pleasant on the eyes, but once opponents came across the Cadmea, the seven-walled fortress Thebians called home, they quickly released that pleasantry was not in the club’s vocabulary.

But while the so-called ‘Theatre of Thebes’ conveyed robustness and fortitude, this belied the shaky ground the locker room was built on. With the likes of Tydeus, Capaneus, Eteocles and Polynices playing under the infamous Oedipus, the squad’s considerable talent disguised a distrusting streak, largely thanks to their coach, whose position at the helm was constantly dogged by salacious rumors about his relationship with his mother. Oedipus for his part regularly dismissed these reports as mere hearsay, going as far as telling media, “As I’ve always said, all myths lead to Thebes”.

No points for guessing what opposition fans would chant at him.