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Paros FC

 About Paros FC

The home jersey worn by Paros FC during its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

Paros FC's stadium, the Kharites, was considered the most beautiful stadium in the world: a polished, inch-perfect masterpiece by sculptor and architect Skopas, composed entirely out of the luxurious and translucent Parian marble. Visiting teams often had a hard time adjusting to the low visibility caused by the sunlight reflecting off the stone which—unless stained red by the wine of their noisy Naxian neighbors—was impeccably white.

The Parian stadium was also adorned with a series of marble statues: representations of the three Graces, who you’ll also see on their crest. The Parians worshipped these goddesses, who represented a combination of beauty, creativity, and goodwill.

Puts your team's statue of its average looking top appearance-maker to shame.