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Kingdom of Kush

About The Kingdom of Kush

Home Jersey for The Kingdom of Kush National Team.

The Kingdom of Kush existed between 1069 BCE and 350 AD in what is modern-day Sudan. They competed regularly against Ancient Egypt and enjoyed a period of success during Egypt's 25th Dynasty.

At the same time as their on-pitch fortune, the Kingdom was flourishing. It was unified with Napata as its designated capital city, and through some political gamesmanship, a Kushite monarchy was ruling Ancient Egypt by the mid 8th Century (BCE). This threw over a century of Nile Derby matches into dispute, as claims of match-fixing in games between Ancient Egypt and the Kingdom of Kush became rife.

This design was inspired by a combination of the 1994 Nigeria World Cup kits and Kushite art that depicts Kushites wearing animal cloaks and earthtone-patterned fabrics. 

Shirt Details

  • Sublimation printing on 100% polyester

  • Micro-ribbing material used on the collar and cuff