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About Kerameikos

The home jersey worn by Kerameikos during its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

Kerameikos was arguably the most iconic club in the world in its day. (Yes, your father who likes Sparta will disagree). Sitting at the heart of the ceramics neighborhood of Athens, ‘the Potters’ fame no doubt coincided with the rise of the city.

“But there’s much more to it”, manager and club legend Pericles disclosed in an interview. “We’re unique because we’re the club of the people.” Kerameikos was the only club in the world that was completely fan-owned, with members able to vote on matters from stadium renovation to electing the chairman. “You wonder why no one likes Sparta these days? It’s just not hip to be autocratic.” 

The famed orator may have, unsurprisingly, convinced us, and for a moment we can imagine listening to his fiery half-time speeches in the locker room.

Someone give us a brick wall to run through.