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FC Samos

About FC Samos

The home jersey worn by FC Samos during its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

As fine as their feathers are, Peacocks, unlike Cranes, cannot fly; but any Ancient Greek football fan knew how far the Samians flew. 

The Peacocks’ success, notably two Ionian league trophies, would not have been possible without manager Melissus. It’s rare you get both a philosopher and naval commander in charge of eleven players. He might have disagreed with that wording, though, telling media: “I think of the team as one, not a group of players. We play as a single unit. No player is above the team.”

Units, coincidentally, were the currency of choice of Samian mathematician Pythagoras, who helped design the Peacock’s stadium, the Aesoap Arena, while also inventing the modern goal-post by way of his right-angle theorem. You could hate or love the Peacocks, but one thing's clear: the game simply wouldn’t look the same without the Samians.