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Umma FC

About Umma FC

Local derbies are much more than a case of proximity - the rivalry runs blood deep.

Following the infamous Mesopotamian Cup Final which saw Lagash Vultures beat their rivals Umma FC in extra-time, the Vultures added insult to injury by painting murals of Ean Natum's controversial winner at the border between the two cities. 

Umma FC's manager, Ukush, angered by the personal disrespect, boldly handed the reins of the club to his fiery son Lugal Zaggisi, who told reporters that his only aim was to "shut up the noisy neighbours".

And that he did - under his tutelage, not only did Umma reclaim the Mesopotamian Cup from their local rivals, but they soon razed the Vultures' murals to the ground and built a stadium, Gu-Edin Park, in their place.

Talk about a grudge match.