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Real Midas

About Real Midas

The home jersey worn by Real Midas during its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

Forget the saying: if you were lucky enough to watch a game at the Cybele Citadel, you'd find that all that glitters is gold. 

From their iconic jerseys to the details on the seating, the Phrygians proudly turned a myth on avarice into a defining identity. With its shining royal crest, Real Midas embraced its royal background like no other team. 

Beyond the visual, a visit to the Citadel was famous for the Midean anthem, a chills-inducing chant—using a scale in the Phrygian mode—sung by thousands of Phrygian fans, arms wide open. It was one of their many homages to King Midas, who was said to be tutored in music by Orpheus himself.

First team to sing "you don't know what you're doing" to a ref in the Phrygian mode gets Real Midas kits on us.