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FC Stroitel Pripyat - Away

About FC Stroitel Pripyat

On Saturday 26th April 1986, Fifth Division Soviet side FC Stroitel Pripyat were preparing for a historic cup semi-final against FC Borodyanka. It was set to be their last home game before moving to the newly built 11,000-seater Avangard Stadium just five days later. 

But 8 hours earlier that morning, Chernobyl's No.4 nuclear reactor exploded. Pripyat - a commuter town just a few miles from the power plant itself - was evacuated 36 hours later and the Avangard Stadium pitch was never played upon. Local players and fans were dispersed as the region was closed off due to the dangerously high levels of radiation, and the overgrown stadium now stands as a solemn reminder of the disaster to any tourists who visit.

The FC Stroitel Pripyat shirt is an imaginative take on what the club kits may have looked like. The pattern is inspired by Constructivism - an art movement originating in Russia that's closely associated with the Soviet Union - while the colors are taken from the Pripyat coat of arms. The crest is a modified version of these coat of arms, and the shirts have LEGASOV (Russian spelling) on the back to pay homage to Valery Legasov, a Soviet chemist who investigated the causes of the disaster and went to great lengths to mitigate both its consequences and the chance of any future disasters. 

Shirt Details 

  • Sublimation printing on 100% polyester

  • Micro-ribbing material used on the collar and cuff

  • LEGASOV (Russian spelling) #8 on the back