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About Fates

The home jersey worn by Fates during its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

Based in Corinth, with its humble stadium—“the Tent”—sitting right next to the city’s temple of the three Moirai, the club was initially founded as an alternative to its successful and richer counterpart—Corinth FC. Fates proudly boasted of having its goal-nets weaved by Klotho, the ‘spinner’ Goddess. 

But a visit to the Psychic Readings™ Stadium was worth it alone just for the pre-match rituals. Not only did these include your standard special offerings at the start but also a series of hand-holding, with fires everywhere, strange chants, and a little bit of blood. And that’s just what you could see in the stadium: we heard that the real weird stuff takes place before. (But that’s not open to visitors.)

Just your average away game, then.