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Golden Jersey

Congratulations! You were selected at random to win a 'Golden Jersey' and $250 credit on your next team order. There's no catch; we just offer this to one out of every 50 team orders as a way of saying thank you to our community.

One of the best things about the design process is that we really get to know a club while we correspond with you and finalize your kit designs. We loved working on these kits with you and hope that your team loves the end result as much as we do. If there's ever anything else that we can help out with, please don't hesitate to reach out to jonny@icarusfc.com. 

Term and Conditions

1. To redeem this credit, please send a photo of it to your designer when corresponding over new designs. The Icarus team will check our database and then confirm the credit if the Golden Jersey was added to your package. 

2. This credit can be redeemed once on any new order placed 12 months after this order was received.

3. This credit can only be used on a new order. It cannot be used to re-order previously designed items.

4. This credit can only be used for custom kits, jerseys, shorts or socks. It cannot be used to purchase teamwear.