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L.A.C Knossos

About Labyrinth Athletic Club Knossos

The home jersey worn by L.A.C. Knossos during its Hellenic League of Champions campaign.

Unless you asked a Mycenean, Knossos was the oldest club in the ancient world. In fact, some even said the game was invented by Cretans when they started kicking around a spare ball of yarn they found lying on the ground.

Founded by King Minos himself, Knossos’ trophy cabinet held an impressive 67 Southern League cups and 7 HLCs. Something resembling a football amphitheater was already in Daedelus’ architectural plans in 1700 BC for the 700,000 square-meter palace of Knossos.

“The palace”, as dubbed by fans, not only saw football played but also Taurkoathapsia, an old Minoan sport where participants held on to a bull’s horns until the animal, in anger, jerked its head upwards, allowing the jumper to take to the air and perform an acrobatic feat. 

And you thought Robbie Keane doing a cartwheel was impressive.