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Darfur United Women's Team Windbreaker

All proceeds from sales go towards providing the Darfur United Women's & Girl's Teams with equipment.

About Darfur United

In 2012, after years of visiting refugee survivors of the War in Darfur,iACT, a Los Angeles-based organization, co-created with refugees on the Chad-Sudan border the Darfur United Men’s Team and took it to compete in the 2012 VIVA World Cup

The formation of the team and its participation in a global tournament gave Darfuri refugees a world stage on which to represent their people—and all refugees—and bring attention to some of the most vulnerable and forgotten populations.

About Darfur United Women's & Girl's Teams

In 2018, iACT listened to Darfuri refugee women and their aspirations to play, compete, and pave the way for a generation of girls in their community. They supported them in forming the first-ever Darfur United Women’s Team, which ismade up of female players from eight refugee camps in eastern Chad.

The Darfur United Girls' Team will first wear Icarus jerseys and windbreaker jackets in the build-up to the Street Child World Cup 2022 in Doha.

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